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Wedding Photo Booths

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Wedding photo booth

Wedding Photo Booth Rentals

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Wedding Photo Booth

4 Hr Experiential Photo Booth

Weddings are a once in a lifetime event. We have special spot in our hearts for this kind of event. It’s a special time when Family and Friends come together and we know that!

So we want to make sure you capture all those once in a lifetime moments and give them to you in your memory book. We are not your stuffed in the corner kind of photo booth. But don’t take our word for it… check out the video.

Social Media Upload

Our photo booth rentals always include the latest technology. So, all pictures taken at the booth are instantly sent to an iPad where you can swipe through, choose your favorites, and upload a digital copy to Facebook, Twitter, or send them via Email.

Unlimited Sessions

There is no limit on the amount of sessions during your photo booth rental. As long as your guest keep coming through the booth, we will take pictures.  However, in order to keep the line moving, we can only do one print per session (no reprints). But, we will also do our best to take several pictures of groups so everybody gets a print.

Onsite 4 × 6 prints

Our photo booth concept is designed to capture some of the best moments at your wedding. Since our booths are equipped with professional “beauty dish” flashes, DSLR cameras and lab quality printers, it made sense to offer immediate onsite beautiful 4 x 6 prints in 16 seconds.

2 x Interactive Attendants

Your wedding photo booth rental comes with two (2) friendly and professional attendants. They will interact with your guests, ensure that the photo booth works properly and help with the Memory Book for the duration of your event. You can see them in our Team section.

Custom Designed Layout

No cookie cutter templates here! As part of your photo booth rental, we will create a unique custom design that reflects your wedding. A crucial part of the Ooh la la Booths experience is creating a keepsake that your guests will take with them and cherish forever.

Memory Book w/ 2 x prints

The wedding photo booth package includes a Memory Book so your guests can leave you a written message along their second 4 x 6 print. One of our attendants will help them through the entire process and we will have your book ready to take home at the end of the event. It will have you smiling for years to come!

Theme Specific Props

We tailor our prop kits to every event! Our Props are themed to match your photo booth rental. Our premium props are always in like new condition, sanitized and inspected before each event.

Signature Speech Bubbles

We always include our signature speech bubbles with our photo booth rentals! They are generally themed and trendy. But if you need specific ones we offer a custom speech bubble package (5 pcs) for an additional fee.

Amazing Backgrounds

We have a full range of backdrops. We always utilize a glare resistant, flame retardant, photography fabric to ensure the highest quality pictures. We also offer optional green screen and custom printed options.

External Viewing Monitor

The wedding photo booth package includes a 40 inch viewing monitor that displays fun pictures as they are taken. It will entertain… and motivate your guests into taking some the funniest pictures at your wedding.

Setup & Delivery

Your Photo Booth Rental includes delivery and set up / breakdown on our time… not yours! Deliveries are usually free within 50 mile radius from Hoboken. Therefore, deliveries above that radius will be charged $1.50 a mile extra. Also, toll and parking expenses or any other related fees will be charged accordingly and are not included unless quoted.

Corporate Events

Experiential Marketing

You probably could let everybody take a picture of their cool pics with their phones and share them that way. But there is something about a clean, crisp, high definition picture that people love to post and re-post.

Since everybody will not be at your event, a Social Media Station allows you and your guests to immediately post your pictures on social so friends and family (who were not able to attend) can see all the fun you’re having. A Social Media Station is the perfect addition…

Oh wait! It’s included! (unless specified otherwise).

Our Hashtag Printer works with Instagram & Twitter and works without a booth… Everybody will use their own phone to print.

All you have to do is pick a unique hashtag for your event. Then, use that hashtag  when you post on Instagram & Twitter from any phone. Our software will automatically collect those pictures thanks to the event’s hashtag. Therefore, any images uploaded to Instagram & Twitter with the specified hashtag will be downloaded and available to be printed onsite.

The next step is to go through the pictures on our Social Media Station… select and print. You will get  a custom branded 4×6 print within seconds.

Additionally, we also offer an optional monitor  that can stream all the photos from your event on a slide show for all to see.

Sometimes you don’t need a photo booth or you want to add roaming photography. Our iPad photographers are a great solution for promotions at large scale venues such as concerts and sporting events. This solution will give you the ability to easily maneuver through a crowded venue to maximize the number of photos taken.

All pictures instantly appear on the photographer’s iPad and your attendees can upload and share their branded photos via social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.).

  • Photos are branded just like at the photo booth
  • Instant sharing of photos on Facebook & Twitter
  • Optional data capture and analytics
  • Optional on-site photo printing


marketing photo booth

Keep your brand front & center

It’s easy to hang a sign and call it sponsorship… But it’s harder to ensure that the corporate message stays relevant during the event or even when the event is over. Our Photo Booth is super fun and our brand ambassadors will make your event memorable keeping your brand front & center at all times. And since our Photo Booths are social media integrated, your brand will be omni present online and offline.

Make an unforgettable impression

We are NOT your curtain-enclosed, stuffed-in-a-corner kind of Photo Booth! We design each activation to make a unique and unforgettable impression. Let us design an experience that will capture the essence of your Brand.

People keep & share what they love

Photos that get shared usually tell a story. We create experiences that attendees want to be part of. Give your guests a fun branded printout to remember the event by and let them show their family and friends how much fun they had. The real secret is that people will keep your branded photo and share it because… They will love it!

Collect data from participants

A memorable event can extend its impact beyond it’s physical boundaries and propagate itself in social media oblivion. The next logical step is to collect participants’ data. After each event, we can have hundreds of emails that can be used to send future communications.

Our team

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Master of Disguise in Cheif



Master of Disguise

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Graphic Designer

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No cookie-cutter templates here! Each Photo Booth activation includes a custom designed layout. It might take a few emails to get it right but we want you to say “I love it!”

4. We make memories

We are NOT your curtain-enclosed, stuffed-in-a-corner kind of Photo Booth! Your experience will be designed to be unique, fun and unforgettable!

5. Share it on Social Media

People share what they love!  Thanks to our Social Media station, your guests can share their experience and amazing pics instantly on all their favorite social platforms.

6. Carpe Diem... Awesome!

Relax, we will be your Red Carpet & your Paparazzi. Your personal “Master of Disguise” will assist guests with each pose, disguise and smile to bring out their inner Ooh la la!

Photo Booth Rentals

Call Now... 201-469-6995

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